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The Event Formerly Known as Pyromania

Dear Pyro Fans,

Over the past few days there has been confusion regarding pyro-related event announcements and so, for our fans, the broader fireworks community, and fellow pyros that have supported us, we would like to address a few points.

For the past fifteen years, we’ve been building a community of volunteers, professionals and fans with a passion for the art and science of fireworks. Many of you have been coming to witness our amazing displays, choreographed by award-winning technicians from across the country, for all that time, and we thank you for your support.

Some of you may even remember the first time Bill Corbett’s team, aka “The Fireball Dudes” shot fireballs at Springdale Park in Fenton. In those days, we just called the event the St. Louis Shoot.

After the owner of Springdale passed away, we looked for a new venue and found Brookdale Farms in Eureka, where we held the event from 2014 to 2016. This event was marketed to the public as Pyromania. Back then, St. Louis Magazine ( called the event “The World Cup of Fireworks!”

Facing challenges with growing attendance and the fact that Brookdale’s river bottom location caused severe water and fog problems, we brought the event to Cedar Lake Cellars in 2017. The first year there we managed the event in its entirety (parking, food, bathrooms). The event was very successful, as noted in this article from the Post Dispatch ( and brought a lot of attention to Cedar Lake Cellars.

The following year, Cedar Lake made a presentation to us to assist with producing the event. We verbally agreed that Cedar Lake Cellars would produce and handle the public side of the event so that we could go back to what we do best – fireworks! In 2019, the event grew to more than 10,000 attendees - we believe due to the quality of our displays.

This past fall, when asked by CLC to enter into a financial and contractual agreement to continue the event, we raised several concerns. After some negotiation, we reached an impasse, and informed Cedar Lake that based on their current offer for us to continue hosting the event at their location, it did not look good for hosting 2020 at their site. That’s the last we heard.

We learned in January that Cedar Lake had sent out a request to solicit fireworks companies to shoot a fireworks event to be held in the fall, and it became apparent they had moved on. We began looking for a new venue.

In the meantime, Cedar Lakes has hired a display company from Richland, MO, to put on a show.

Needless to say, we were extremely surprised that they elected to call the event Pyromania, a name which it is clear from the articles above we have been using well before we brought the event to Cedar Lakes. They further sent an email to past attendees of the event, with the same name and no mention that the creators of the event would not be present. We don’t think that’s right.

Here's the thing. We love fireworks. The more the merrier. Cedar Lakes has every right to have a fireworks event. They just should not pretend that it is the same event that we put on. They have since added a small note at the bottom of their page that indicates that we are not involved.

We want to make sure you purchase tickets to the event you’re expecting. If you want to see some of the finest choreographers from across the US, the pyromusical competition, and the Fireball Dudes, you will want to purchase tickets to our September 26th event. We will have a different name, and be at a different Warren County location, but it will be the same amazing shows you’ve come to expect.

Tickets will go on sale on June 1st. We invite you, your family and your friends to join us at our new location.